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Do you need to re-vision your future, but don't know how?
Is there a critical issue you're unable to resolve within your company?
Would you like to increase employee engagement and satisfaction?
If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then you're in the right place and it's time you discovered a new option for resolving pressing issues and liberating the inner potential of your organization.
Particularly in this time of uncertainty, it is essential to look at where your company goes from here and how to acknowledge and resolve the grief, anxiety and fear your employees may be experiencing due to the sudden and unexpected changes of the past few months. What you may have also found was an unexpected agility and resilience that emerged and was managed from within your organization--a new strength you may want to explore.

Building Change Under a Fast Moving Company

Organizations are moving fast every day. Trying to implement change on any level is like building the rails under an already fast moving train. The Imaginal Wisdom process for change, visioning and engagement is based on the premise that giving up the habit of finding a correct answer to a problem and, instead, finding the patterns that shaped the situation in the first place is the quickest path to dissolving what is really vexing your organization.

The Limits of Logic

Within most organizations, the first step to solving pressing issues is to gather around a conference table for a discussion about solutions. Sometimes sitting around a table or forming committees works, but when the situation is complex, when a vision needs a big overhaul or you desire a more dynamic workplace, then logic has its limitation. Logic consists of what is already known or has been tried in the past. At best, you get a rehash or new ideas are reduced to uninspired to-do lists.

A Spark of Insight

The Imaginal Wisdom approach differs dramatically from most consulting practices because it's based on research showing change must emerge from within your organization to honor your culture and those in the workplace--or it fails. It's really that simple.
Don't just fix problems. Instead, create an environment where potential problems dissolve before becoming pressing or critical. Don't just talk about a new future vision or culture changes, experience what it's like to make real change in real time. Don't keep employee engagement or diversity as static policies or training, instead, really engage and expand who gets to be involved in your future.
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