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Create change and new ideas faster
than you thought possible

Use the Imaginal Wisdom Process To...

  • Revitalize and/or assimilate a new organizational vision, mission, or strategy. 
  • Resolve cultural conflicts in mergers, acquisitions, or joint ventures, between multi-cultural units or between headquarters and the field.
  • Understand transformation in an emergent way prior to hiring outside resources.
  • Create seamless communications between all stakeholder groups in an integrated tapestry of hiring, orientation, training, meetings, strategic direction, marketing/CXM and leadership development.
  • Explore whether what you say you value matches what is rewarded.
  • Align employee experiences with your marketing efforts.
  • Explore possibilities not previously conceived when starting a new unit, department, facility, or business by including the voices of those who will be asked to work there.
  • Acknowledge the emotions of traumatic events such as layoffs by including those most effected or to re-imagine the problem into alternative solutions.
  • Understand what will be lost prior to succession planning.

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