The Titanic Nature of What We Don't Know

Dr. Deb Kirby

Founder, Imaginal Wisdom

Organizational culture and change consultant

Imaginal Wisdom was borne from my passion to understand, reveal and explore the potential of organizational culture. This journey began decades ago as simple observations about how almost all change efforts ignored existing cultures, resulting in lackluster, or worse, devastating results. 
This next question may seem like a tangent, but stay with me.
Have you ever been to an event with a giant swan ice sculpture as the buffet centerpiece?
Well, then you know it never ends well for the swan by the end of the event. It vanishes into a watery, unrecognizable mess. Most change methods are merely a reshaping of the mental tip of the iceberg, which, like the swan, never ends well. The complex and imperceptible nature of what is not known about your organization is titanic in proportion to what is consciously known.
Don’t you want to know what you’re working with below the surface before you begin to change it?
Don't you want to know whether you are even asking the right questions or trying to solve the right problems?
After all the money spent, time invested, and trauma produced among employees, the changes rarely last. In many cases, the failure is a gift--it keeps you from ruining the strengths at your very core.
If ROI is a pre-occupation, then calculate the negative impact flawed change programs have on employees by alienating the very people you need to make any program a success.
It's not easy to move from old habits to new concepts when the underlying complexities of culture are ignored or unconscious. Yet, understanding these dynamics is critical to creating real, lasting change and increasing resiliency, engagement, creativity and agility.
As a corporate culture consultant, I introduce organizations, leaders, and individuals to an innovative and engaging approach for surfacing the many obstacles preventing successful change and for creating meaningful visions, missions, and purpose by accessing new possibilities through an organization's own inner, creative wisdom.
I've studied the underlying dynamics of culture and change for over 20 years and have discovered the primary obstacles leaders face when organizational change is necessary. Astoundingly, most of the obstacles reside at the unconscious levels of individual and collective awareness.
Here's the best part--I teach you how to create and sustain change on your own and every idea that weaves its way into implementation comes from within your organization and your culture. 
The wisdom your organization already holds is powerful and valuable. Before you start tinkering with it, please understand it fully first.
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