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Dr. Deb: Your Guide to What Lurks Below Surface


Dr. Deb Kirby

Founder, Imaginal Wisdom

Organizational Coach, Trainer & Speaker

Deb Kirby is an organizational coach, trainer and speaker who uses an innovative and engaging process to surface myriad obstacles preventing successful change. She helps access new possibilities and spark transformation ignited by an organization's own inner, creative wisdom. 
She has a PhD in transformative studies and has been an organizational coach and marketer for the past 35 years, working both within and outside corporations, to develop effective business plans that helped clients in a wide array of industries discover untapped potential for aligning strategy with culture.  
Deb’s research over 30 years into why organizational change has failed 50% to 75% of the time, led to the discovery of significant points of failure that routinely sabotage change initiatives. Inspired to do something about this disconnect, she developed a unique and untapped idea using imagination and metaphor for organizational culture and change. 
Her revolutionary insight consists of teaching organizational members to utilize their imagination in order to shift their perspective. Once this occurs, change has already begun, and group dialogue takes dramatic turns. 
Dr. Deb is an engaging coach, trainer and speaker. She is currently working on her book, Navigating the Perfect Storm of Change: How a Spark of Imagination Can Transform Your Workplace.
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